• No. 4 passport photos
  • Italy/USA electrical adapter
  • Mobile phone and its battery charger
  • (if you have it) car battery charger for mobile phone
  • (if you have it) wireless battery charger for cell phone
  • Camera (if you don’t want to use your mobile phone)
  • Camera battery charger (if you have one)
  • Credit card valid in the USA to “slide” i.e. it must be swiped, no microchip
  • RECOMMENDED: use the  Paypal card  (NOT the Paypal rechargeable card for tobacco) connected to the credit card or bank account where you just need to write your email and password to authorize the payment.
  • ATTENTION!! If you are not the owner or holder of a Paypal card, VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, life will be VERY difficult!
  • Wallet and purse (they fill you with tiny coins!)
  • Electronic passport
  • Health insurance, we recommend  Global Allianz  or  Europe Assistance
  • Photocopy of the electronic passport to keep at home
  • Photocopy of the electronic passport to always keep with you
  • ID card to keep with you when you go out (in case of loss, better lose it than your passport!)
  • Photocopy of your medical insurance card
  • Italian/English pocket dictionary or download the App on your mobile
  • Key ring to collect the discount cards that the shops will give you
  • Beauty case with toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, etc.
  • Hair styling, clips, pins, elastics, etc.
  • Necessary for colds or headaches which are often caused by the very cold air conditioning in shops, fast food restaurants, cafés, classrooms, etc.
  • (if you want to practice it) RACKET or beach tennis racket
  • Backpack for bike excursions (in Miami they don’t use the bike basket or the bags attached to the bike because they easily steal both the bikes and accessories such as saddles, wheels, bells, etc. so the backpack is essential)
  • Print maps of: South Beach, Miami Beach, Miami Downtown, Miami and Florida, so you always know where you are. Remember that Miami Beach is an island.


  • Clutch bag to keep in flight in the object pocket of the seat in front of you, with chewing gum or sweets for take-off and landing (they plug their ears) and for the air pockets, pen to fill out the form they deliver in flight, passport and airline ticket, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes, soft earplugs for sleeping, sleeping mask, 1 melatonin pill for sleeping, biscuits or whatever you like to eat if you don’t like it the flight meal
  • Sweatshirt or cardigan (it’s cold in flight!)
  • (if you have) horseshoe shaped travel neck pillow


  • It is important to have suitable clothing for the various work experience activities.  Anyone carrying out an internship in contact with the public or within an institution or in an office should prefer  formal clothing which means decent and suitable for the situation. The management is not responsible for any exclusions from work experience activities, if the interns do not respect the rules of the appropriate “Dress Code”.
  • Clothing – TIPS FOR WORK OCCASIONS  click here


  • Beach bag possibly with a zip
  • Beach bag clutch bag to hold cell phone, money, hair clip, etc. for when you go for a walk on the shore
  • Beach towel
  • Flip flops
  • Beach suit
  • (if you have it) Cap – consider that you can buy as many as you want directly in Miami
  • Solar and after-sun products (we recommend buying them directly in Miami, they are affordable and specific for the tropics)
  • In Miami they recommend buying beta-carotene, aloe and pure vitamin E to keep the skin hydrated, but it is good to start taking 1 beta-carotene pill and 1 vitamin E pill every morning until you intend to go out in the sun.
  • Cover-up like shorts and tank top or light dress or sarong


  • Comfortable city flip-flops or what you usually wear when it’s very hot! Closed shoes are not recommended during the day because your feet get hot!
  • Underwear
  • Shorts, miniskirts, dresses, tank tops, tops
  • Bijoux and fashion accessories (COOL STYLE!)
  • “Stylish” bags for going out around Miami during the day and in the clubs in the evening
  • Trainers, shorts, socks, tops or t-shirts for working out on the beach
  • Swimwear and a handy one for water sports
  • Light jacket to keep in your bag for shops, restaurants and various clubs that keep the air conditioned (ac) very cold and it freezes as soon as you enter. Seeing is believing!
  • The second week is a classic to have a cold with a little fever SO, in order not to ruin your holiday, THE ADVICE IS


  • Cool little dresses:  “DRESS TO IMPRESS” , oh yeah!
  • Cool shoes that are still comfortable in hot and humid weather because you sweat 24 hours a day!
  • Evening bag for going out
  • Fashion accessories and bijoux
  • Shrugs if we are in an air conditioned venue