IRSEF is a social promotion association that has been operating since 1982.We are accredited by the MIUR for the training of school personnel dm 23/01/2004 prot. no. 426/c/3.

The name: Institute for Research and Studies on Education and the Family already defines the purpose, objective and program of this body.

The IRSEF has life and meaning by managing to carry out “research and study” on two fundamental themes of human and social life:  education and the family .
These themes are “perennial”, in every historical context, hence the usefulness of a permanent body which, with continuity, provides support with the technical and cultural skills deduced from study and research.

IRSEF intends to pursue this objective through:

  • the diffusion of strong ideas, guiding ideas, meditated and argued, on the themes that pertain to it;
  • real and productive collaboration with those who are investigating the problems that compete, such as university professors and researchers, with the intention of bringing university research to understandable levels for all parents who have to face educational and coexistence problems on a daily basis.

We therefore undertake to:

  • propose guidelines written in simple and current language, easily understandable, clear and which makes the subject “fascinating”;
  • propose reflections, sent with timing, in accordance with events and times;
  • provide documents that give a sense of the events for what they are, “ignoring” the prevailing trend in the media and the pre-established defense of the Institute.

The managerial body of the Institute is the Board of Directors, elected by the shareholders’ meeting, which remains in office for three years.

Currently, the President of IRSEF is Prof. Maria Dari.