MIAMI , a multi-ethnic city in South Florida, USA, is a young city in continuous cultural and financial growth at an international level and offers multiple job offers. The Spanish-speaking Latin American ethnic group creates a spontaneous Anglo-Hispanic bilingualism that alternates according to the areas of Miami where one goes and fascinates tourists from all over the world.

MIAMI BEACHES : the heavenly beaches of Miami are very famous and extend from  Sunny Isles to  South Beach , the southernmost part of the island of  MIAMI BEACH , frequented by a varied sports youth with sculpted muscles who love life outdoors ‘open air. The beach is free and equipped with free sports facilities, showers, toilets, sunscreen dispensers and is supervised by the  Life Guards  until 7pm and by the police 24h. After midnight it is forbidden to go to the beach. The beach and promenade are very busy and safe both day and night thanks to the high level of constant  day & night surveillance .

DOWNTOWN MIAMI neighborhood   that winds around  Flager Street , the most commercial street. Here is the  Metro Dade Center , a center of modern art with the Museum of fine Arts inside.

METROMOVER , an elevated subway that walks over the central area of ​​Miami with a truly suggestive view below!

The public transport network called “MIA” covers the entire city until late at night and it is possible to buy the rechargeable bus pass for greater convenience.

THE CLIMATE  The sub-tropical climate is characterized by an absence of sudden changes between day and night temperatures. The temperatures in the months of July and August range from 29 to 35 degrees with a relative humidity rate of around 70%.

Frequent showers characterize the month of August which raise the humidity rate. In this regard, it is advisable to drink water and  smoothies frequently , centrifuged fruit, vegetables and ice, which restore vitamins and mineral salts.

All indoor environments are equipped with powerful air conditioning systems, it is therefore advisable to bring a scarf and a sweatshirt.

Americans are tacky and go crazy for logos, especially made in Italy and flashy outfits. The less is more style   was not invented by an American in fact.

We also recommend the use of creams with sunscreens even if you don’t go to the beach, in order to avoid unpleasant skin burns.