Fun & Fitness

Fun & Fitness Language Practice Center© was created with the purpose of combining the learning of the English and/or Spanish language through a mix of fitness and fun experiences.

The basic concept is to allow you to choose the activities that excite you the most in order to promote bilingualism, specifically in English and Spanish.

Take your passion and make it happen!

Learning, meaning to learn (English and/or Spanish), is done by doing activities such as dance or outdoor fitness such as Boot Camp, water gym, swimming, tennis*, kayaking, beach tennis, basketball, beach volleyball*, dodgeball, paddleboard, bike riding, and many more!

*Some of these sports are only available in the Miami program.

The Language Practice Center works with accredited universities, providing diverse services to the user with the aim of promoting Italo-Spanish bilingualism.

We have combined traditional language lessons focused on grammar, reading, and speaking with practical use of the language learned “in the field,” through fitness, work experience, and fun activities.

We work with a Total Physical Response (T.P.R.) methodology that has a physical and emotional impact for the person’s psychophysical well-being.

Learning English and/or Spanish is facilitated by native language Group Trainers present during all activities.

In this way, we can guarantee excellent results and a valuable experience for the future in terms of personal and linguistic improvements. We work on speaking, pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary, making it perfect for individuals with learning differences (DSA) and those who desire immediate learning. The learning of the English language and fitness are correlated with the T.P.R. method.

This correlation brings visible improvements to the psychophysical well-being of the individual.

Fun & Fitness Language Practice Center© collaborates with Activity Leaders and Group Trainers.

Group Trainers – for Outdoor Fitness, Workout, Boot Camp, and Fun Activities – are experienced professionals in their field who supervise, accompany, and manage all activities, supporting each participant throughout the entire Miami Experience in the US or English/Spanish Experience in Italy.

One of the difficulties we face in learning a foreign language is the sense of inadequacy or discomfort that does not correspond to what we want, which can create frustration.

Becoming familiar with the English and/or Spanish language through the T.P.R. method, that is, with a psychophysical approach, eludes those mental habits and prejudices about how difficult it is to learn a foreign language, when in fact it is not!

The experience with Fun & Fitness Language Practice Center© is open to participants of all ages starting from 2 years old and is active year-round. Our goal is to learn with Fun & Fitness!

What do you get?

  • Using the English language in everyday life
  • New knowledge
  • New friends
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Posture initiation
  • Increased self-esteem and improved interpersonal communication
  • Development of creativity
  • Language certification from A1 to C2
  • Interaction with native Group Trainers is an integral part of the T.P.R. method.