10 things to know if you’re traveling to Miami from Italy

1.There is no such word as “caraibic,” it is actually pronounced “Caribbean.”

2.There are different types of electrical outlets, ATMs, and air conditioning temperatures (which can be polar!) in Miami. It’s best to come prepared with electrical adapters, sweaters, and credit cards that work in the US.

3.If you’re having difficulty communicating, speaking Italian may help as many people in Miami speak Spanish, which is a similar language. Be careful not to speak too loudly, as well.

4.If you go to an Italian restaurant, let the manager know that you’re Italian! Many Italian restaurants in Miami have two different cooking times for pasta (Italians prefer their pasta more al dente).

5.Do not wear a Che Guevara t-shirt. Although it’s true that many Cubans live in Miami, they are not supporters of Che Guevara, and wearing a shirt with his image may lead to physical confrontation.

6.Tipping, also known as “tip,” is important in Miami because servers rely on tips for their livelihood. Not tipping is considered impolite and can lead to problems and conflicts. The standard tip is usually 18%.

7.It’s true that the cost of living in Miami is high. However, it’s similar to Venice in that the demand for visiting the city drives up prices (and the city is sinking underwater).

8.Some neighborhoods in Miami are notoriously unsafe, and it’s best to avoid them altogether.

9.In the city, Cuban coffee (known as “cafecito”) is sold for one dollar, while Italian espresso is sold for three dollars. They are made from the same machine, but Cuban coffee has sugar mixed in by default. If you prefer unsweetened coffee, ask for “cafecito sin azucar.”

10.People driving Lamborghinis or Ferraris on Ocean Drive are not necessarily wealthy – they often rent the cars by the hour from nearby rental agencies.

Lastly, don’t ask where to take photos of the sunset on the beach – the ocean is on the wrong side!

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